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Chris Parsons
Newburyport, MA
God-Emperor, Junior Grade.
Interests: My wife and kids, playing and making games, game Industry, politics, science fiction, history, movies with large explosions, other movies, learning about weird random things by reading internet articles, cooking, eating (preferably in Italy), theater, laughing and making other people laugh, finding exciting and interesting things to do, writing, crap is there a word limit here...?
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I remember if you were really good at Asteroids you could literally play for hours on one quarter. THAT sure doesn't happen anymore.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2011 on the value of a quarter at WWdN: In Exile
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"Stand By Me" was not just a movie for me. I grew up in the late 60's, early 70's, and my group of friends and I were just like those boys. We spent many hours walking along railroad tracks and dodging "The Teenagers" who would chase us and bully us, just like Kiefer and his buds. Exploring the old abandoned dairy we thought was haunted. Walking through endless fields. Climbing in the quarry where we were forbidden to go. Leaving first thing in the morning and not coming back until evening and your parents encouraged it. Everyone's Dad had fought in WWII or Korea. My Mom died when I was 10, so I had that moment as a kid where death becomes real. You really feel that moment in the film where they finally find the body. When I watch Stand By Me now it's like a little personal time capsule. Thanks for that.
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Mmmmm..Smurf butts.
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Seamus was checking his p-mail. Good Luck with the VO.
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One of the great things about Star Trek is that, if you only saw a close-up headshot of a character, you could immediately tell what decade that show was filmed, just by the hair (Capt. Picard excepted). TOS? You know those were 60's 'dos. TNG? Late 80's for sure. Count your blessings that the show wasn't shot 5 years earlier, Wil, or you would have been sporting a mullet! ;-)
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"I *never* would have chosen to play a pine tree with lasers for eyes,..." Wow, the dry season must really suck for that character. One small error with the lasers and WHOOSH!
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Wow! Gamma World! That takes me back. I still have the original game kicking around somewhere. You can really create some bizarre characters. I think my character was an albino with a Podog companion. Some of the bad mutations actually made for good role-playing. Glad you had a good PAX. Someday I must attend when I'm not running a booth, although this year we donated all sales of our game purchased during PAX to Childs Play! So that was pretty cool. I don't suppose you got a chance to try "Spy Party"? It was my favorite game (of the few I got to see). It was as much fun watching someone else play as it was actually playing.
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You can see the details about Wil's legendary roll here: One of the greatest things about playing RPG's is when, in the middle of some critical battle, a player makes some creative, innovative, or desperate move and rolls a perfect result. Usually it only becomes legendary among your game group, but when you do it at Gencon then we all get to share the magic. :-)
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I was totally bummed I couldn't make the keynote. I'm managing the Muzzy Lane booth and we were mobbed all day--which was a good thing, but the keynote was the one event I planned to hit. One of our guys did get to see it and said it rocked. Looking forward to the last day today. PAX East was definitely a coming out party for the MA gaming community and developers. Thanks for being part of that, Wil!
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Mar 28, 2010