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@queisser: "how hardened the wired side of the typical coffee shop is." Considering most shops are not run by computer security experts I'd wager that the router is probably right next to the stereo controls for when they have to reset it. Technically, I guess you would have to trust the coffee shop manager to not put a box in between the router and their internet connection in order to capture the traffic. But we have that problem everywhere already. All of this reminds me of when I was giving a talk to some co-workers on network security. I fired up cain and able and showed them half the company's twitter, remote email, and facebook passwords within 5 minutes. The impact was everyone was a little bit frightened. BTW, the desktop machines were plugged into a router (not a switch/hub). The network guy had failed to do anything other than plug it in and it was defaulted to act like a basic hub (thanks Cisco). This was not a small company and they should have known better.
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Jun 21, 2010