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I just typed a whole comment and then lost it when I signed in. I don't have the energy to recreate it, so I'll paraphrase. You do fit in. You fit in with the rest of us, here on the Internet. That's why events like the Ford event are so much fun. Like minded, but not always from the same subject areas. P.S. It makes me furiously happy that your kids are saying, "Science!" I've wanted to say that out loud to people for years, but feared excommunication from the Bible Belt.
Wil, Thank you for all of this. The blog and Just a Geek have really helped me through some tough places. I've been teaching middle school for the last decade and am starting to want out. I start my own blog about cars ( I got tired of reading boring car reviews and figured I could do some with a little more comedy! Thank you for helping me find @nerdist and inspiring me to do more!
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Aug 25, 2011