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Holy shit we completely forgot to write about the players we signed that literally every single fucking Dolphins blog, beat writer, twitter feed, fan site and guy at your shitty job has written and/or spoken about. But a Dolphins player makes a reference about this supposedly shit-stain awful website and it's many many oh so many readers on the most popular sports talk show in town, we're not allowed to talk about that or keep the joke going because we hate Ireland.... er something. But clearly you've decided to be That Guy. And by "That Guy," I mean the giant gaping smelly asshole that does nothing but bitch and moan about a website he hates so much he can't seem to stay away from. Also, there's always: It's a fine, fine site. Also, you're a cunt. And I know that usually cunt is something you call a woman, but I'm changing the rules. Because fuck you. Cunt.
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People: Rip us, call us names, tell us we're washed up and that the site is now a giant piece of old lady shit after many years of being the greatest thing ever in the history of human people. But Christ, KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE RACIST HORSEFUCKERY. This isn't about "telling it like it is" It's about you being a horrible, horrible person who cannot articulate your frustration in a humorous manner, so therefore you show us all just how small your dick is by saying dumb racist shit. We're not at all into blocking people. But we will if you get stupid. Troll away, if you must. But keep your Hitler Youth feelings to yourself, or go back to watching videos of your mom fucking a horse and call it a day. Thanks -Dude
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Hey NO, take your zombie Ireland-cock sucking RACIST bullshit to another Dolphins site. Don't bring that horseshit here.
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Welcome back to OpenThreadNation! (sorry, we'll get back to writing shit real soon.... Go Fins) Continue reading
Talk amongst yourselves .... Also: VOTE FINSNATION 2012! Continue reading
Right on, D. Sorry this place is a locker room some times :(
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Figured you'd had enough of seeing O's face everytime you logged onto good ole FinsNation. So, I googled "hot lady" and look who came up! Jennifer Lopez also came up, which is counter productive of the whole thing. But, hey.... Continue reading
If you're a frequent reader of his blog, or perhaps one of many who have been blocked by him on Twitter, then you know that Omar Kelly is the biggest sports writer troll in the history of the Internet. It's... Continue reading
Kate Upton and her amazing tits are here to celebrate Victory Monday with you. Isn't that nice? (Seriously, Kate Upton's tits are too good. It's like God's very own double-middle fingers at us all. Not cool, God!) Since these things... Continue reading
I only see one fart noise here. DISAPPOINTED ::fart::
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New rule: end every comment in this thread with ::fart:: or /fart noise -- regardless of how the game is going or how serious your comment is. Go Fins Continue reading
And please, let's keep FN politics free. There's enough suffering with this shit team already.
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Wrong blog to bring up that ludicrous comparison, fellas.
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Did you know that this season is the 40th Anniversary of the Perfect Season? TRUE STORY! So hey good luck with all your fantasy teams this year, y'all! Continue reading
Sorry for the lack of posts around here, Nation. I've been buried with work (because Florida is fucked up so there's a lot of shit to report, you see), and DRK is fighting a Minotaur somewhere in Greece. But, hey,... Continue reading
Bar Refaeli and her magnificent ass are here to watch Ryan Tannehill start tonight's game with you. Talk it up. Continue reading
Oh hai Miami Dolphins 2012 season. Hi. Hello. How are you. You're finally fucking here, and I'm a mess. For some reason, this has felt like the longest off-season ever. Or is it just me? Either way, WELCOME BACK! Alright,... Continue reading
Yes I will. And I'm bringing MOAR TITS.
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