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Chris Lobban
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If you really mean no disrespect, than you should at least try to spell his name properly. It appears on this page at least 10 times, including right in the URL. To spell it wrong like that is disrespectful.
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Yes, it should become the "Pax" salute. Both because it's supported by Penny Arcade, and because "Pax" is Latin for "peace" (which ties in with the the Roman roots). My only problem with this salute at a game con is how to determine if somebody is saluting you, or merely obfuscating... am I supposed to salute back, or pretend I don't see them? So confusing...
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If you're there to game, don't forget to stop by ICC Hall F / Green tables 16-23 sometime on the weekend for one of the "How to Play" sessions for the Star Trek CCGs (1st or 2nd edition). The only games you'll see that weekend that have cards featuring a sexy orange sweater, laser-eyes, and Wesley Crusher finally getting the point.
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Aug 4, 2010