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I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone involved with w00tstock 2.1 in Portland. It was phenomenal, funny and fantastic! It was also the perfect date for me and my husband without kids in rather embarrassingly long time. Also, my husband, who had been living in a vacuum of Synfig is happy to have been exposed to the complete adorable that is Molly Lewis and is now a fan. While it was too late for us to stay after and thank you in person, I did want to share that your work and your blog inspired me to write again and seeing you perform and tell your stories was an absolute joy. I hope you and your family had lovely time together and I look forward to your next creative endeavors.
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Sorry seems so in adequate to say but I am truly sorry for your loss. You shared your stories and love of Farris with us and now we share your grief hoping it eases the pain even just a little. As a writer who inspired me to write again, thank you and my heart goes out to you and your family.
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Another long time reader and first time poster to say that your speech was amazing and funny and etc...I really wish I could have gone to PAX (Between your speech and Bioware showing ME, it was hard to resist!)but not possible with the family. It really made my Sunday a touch brighter as we have one child with an unusual case of chicken pox and the other up all night with 104 temp and the stomach flu. It was a touch of sanity in all this madness as your posts always are. Thank you. Christina
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