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Chris McGrath
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Why should developers learn lots of languages even if they will only use a couple for their entire career? Because it gives them a new way to think about a problem. Same for the non coding mass, if they learn to code they might never use write any code for their job, but it teaches them new ways to look at problems in new ways - and that's a good thing. When people say they are learning to code they really mean they are learning to solve problems and using code as the method to lean it.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2012 on Please Don't Learn to Code at Coding Horror
I really like the Windows Phone idea, however the implementation has a big flaw. Back button - perfect. Click it, it goes back, hold it down to switch to another open app. Navigation in one button makes sense. Windows Button - goes home, hold it down you get voice prompt. Search Button - It makes sense these days to be able to quickly go to search so I dedicated button makes sense. But the implementation sucks. In the initial release you click the button and if the app could handle search it would bring that search up otherwise go to bing. Sounds good but in practice there was no way to tell if an app supported search and clicking it would make you leave the app - really annoying. So in Mango they changed it and made it always go to bing. It's an improvement, but it takes away a really nice idea. The obvious solution is a click does an app search, if there is no app search it does nothing. And holding the button down brings up bing. But I fear this is one case where Microsoft wants you to use bing so they will never implement.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2012 on The One Button Mystique at Coding Horror
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Feb 1, 2012