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Give us a Player!!! I don't care what stupid project QB we draft this year but after this complete disasterous free agency period, Steven Ross needs to reign in his unpopular, public relations nightmare general manager "Jeff Ireland" and tell him to draft someone that gives his fans HOPE for the 2012 football season. That Player is Trent Ricardson..... Tell Ireland to get off his fat arrogant As$ and trade that disapointing north/south runner Daniel Thomas, and if necessary package it with a late draft pick and grab Richardson for the future. The draft is FAT with receivers in mid rounds.....there are also QBs that can be projects towards Philbins WCO. They're not going to produce this year anyway. We're not laying "FLAT for MATT" this year so either fire Ireland's as$ or take the reigns and do it yourself. I'm not a Tebow fan but I wouldn't be opposed to having him run an offense with Richardson and Bush in the backfield. No one seemed to have a problem with Phibin letting Manning run his own offense right? Hell Philbin didn't even call his own plays in Greenbay right? There will be plenty of time to implement Philbin's offense in the future with young draft picks. We've taken sh$t as dolphin fans long enough so it's time for Ross to take the reigns and win games in 2012... Picking good players now only makes your franchise look attractive to Brees next year when he's had enough and want's out of New Orleans. Hell if Wayne Huizenga had not of listened to his supposedly "football experts" Brees would have been here in 2006. Get it Done and lets move on Mr. Ross.. make that splash you promised your fan base....
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Mar 21, 2012