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I'm not in favor of saying in absolute terms that either flat or threaded is better, I think it really depends. Instead, I wish we'd focus on a problem that overarches both approaches: scale. Discussions on the web don't scale, not flat and not threaded. Above a few dozen comments it is virtually impossible to absorb what is being said, who is talking to who and who is talking to you. I appreciate both flat and nested systems, but my all-time favorite implementation is used on this dutch tech site: They're using nesting, but with quite a sophisticated moderation system that somehow keeps discussions manageable.
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I guess the mileage varies from person to person, so although I agree with Jeff's observations, they are not absolute truths. I do use simple todo lists for the simple reason that I don't have the best memory. Working on several projects at once, I need to know what to do when. There simply is no other way for me. So I plot tasks and time blocks in my calendar and block them. It works. That's for work. Privately, I don't maintain anything. As for productivity porn, I also have major philosophical issues with most advise, as that advise usually covers one's entire life, not just work. The so-called consensus is that one's productivity is to be maximized, so that you can get "the most out of life". Whilst I agree that spending your productive time efficiently is solid advise, the whole thought behind that idea is broken in several ways: - It suggests spilling productive time into personal time is a good thing. For example, in the bath tub? Why not prepare for tomorrow's meeting, to maximize your productivity? - It suggests non-productive time, doing nothing, is bad. - It suggest that one cannot (partially) fail in one or more aspects of life. The day I will wake up with the rest of my week planned from the early morning to the late night into merciless detail will be the day I arrive in hell. Do important things, things that are meaningful to you or meaningless but you must do them anyway. For all the other stuff, use your gut and live.
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Feb 17, 2010