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I think you're all dumb. The most intelligent thing said here was about pragmatism. It isn't better algorithms mean less RAM, nor the opposite. Every situation is different. There is no silver bullet. Stop thinking there is.
@Gustavo Martins - Dev jobs are a dime a dozen. I've got 3 open req's on my team right now. Problem is there is still a lot of garbage floating out there. We see streams of resumes that say the right thing, but first interview (phone) is usually a disaster. I've lost a number of employees in the recent weeks as well because of hot jobs in the developer market. @Vince - By the next google/microsoft rolled into one, I'm pretty sure he's talking about the financial value. Both MS & Google have to make significant investment across hundreds of product lines to achieve the same revenue stream as Facebook without nearly the profit. Facebook has one primary product, and then the ancillary applications that support it. It's whole business is to collect, dissect, and report data. Most of that data we all just volunteer! And it's pretty much all marketing data. Example. Picture the following status update. "Just went to see Goodfellas with Mike Rowe, and George Carlin. Awesome movie! Better than Casino!" What did you learn? 3 specific people liking a movie. I know their exact age, demographic, related interests, friends that I can cross reference and a myraids of information of my likes, dislikes, historical actions etc. Facebook isn't writing it's own DB engine, which comes at a cost of billions of dollars (especially with the volume of data they have). You can pay 50+ - 150k/yr employees to build said engine. Or teach a couple marketing students how to connect to an OLAP cube and build some pivot tables in Excel for their senior project in their Marketing 491 class. In the sense of ROI, Facebook has us all smoked. Oh, and Joe Park of Kozmo wasn't interested in building a long term company, he wanted to build enough to IPO, sell out, and move on. That's it.
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Feb 25, 2011