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Chris Thornton
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In the meantime maybe some limited batch runs one could order or even some to auction at PAX and the like for charity? It'd be awesome to be able to show up at my D&D group and set a six pack Wheaton's Own down on the table.
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Anything by Adam Warren. I've been pleased with everything I've read by him. His series Empowered is a great take on all the superhero tropes and hes added some interesting things to the Marvel universe with Iron Man:Hypervelocity, Live Wires, and Galacta:Daughter of Galactus.
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I've heard by law if a show mentions a website that doesn't already exist then they have to purchase the domain name rights for the site. So if a show mentions "" then the show has to buy the rights to that name. Not sure exactly why off hand, just what I've heard to be the case.
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2010 on The Wheaton Recurrence at WWdN: In Exile
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Apr 13, 2010