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I heard there making a Dumb & Dumber 2, well if Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels ever drop out, they could always get John McCain & Lindsey Graham for the roles! Obama can direct!
Happy New Year Pamela! Have a Jihad-Busting 2013!!!
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2012 on Happy New Year! at Atlas Shrugs
Hi Pamela, I read your article and I do agree with a lot of it about the mentally ill. I'm not too sure about censorship, as believes in a free society adults have the right to watch adult content. There should be things to protect to children in terms of certificate ratings for films and video games, child protection on the internet for those families that opt in to have those restrictions. Also parents have to take a lot of responsibility for what there children watch as well. However, even though I'm not a gun expert, when it comes to the gun issue I think there should firepower control,for example even though the second amendment says every individual has the right to bear arms, I don't think it can mean everyone should be allowed to have a nuclear weapon or an rpg, as the weapons themselves can cause untold amounts of collateral damage whether it's in a good or bad guys hands. Now I feel the same way about military "style" assault rifles which can hold 30 round clips, even though they're semi-auto, an Adam Lanza of the world can do far more damage with those particular weapons bushmaster, Mr-15, AK-47 etc then with handguns, as they don't carry so many rounds. The only 2 reasons people want these particular grade weapons is to protect them against the government if it became totalitarian and to protect there homes and businesses when there are violent uprisings like the LA Riots or Katrina. The first argument I think no longer holds water because if the Government has nuclear bombs, F16's, Aircraft Carriers, Tanks, they cannot be defeated, and one has to do ones best to make sure that a government-military-police complex never goes rogue in this country. I have more sympathy with the second reason, however I think that the assault weapons are too powerful in the hands of the citizenry and should be restricted to the military and the police (along with armour piercing bullets as well). The guy in China who slashed 20 kids with a knife as horrible as that was did not kill any of the kids, unlike the psycho Lanza who killed 22 using such an assault weapon with such firepower. Now does banging assault rifles stop bad guys from getting hold of such weapons, of course not, which is why I think there should be a compromise. There should be armed officers carrying on schools and they take an oath to protect the school (even though one has to be concerned if one of those goes wacko as well, but I think I would more trust an experienced ex-police officer etc to take responsibility) I don't think teachers should be allowed to carry as they are in a much more vunerable position of stress and can snap more easily, as my old teacher did in my school who punched a pupil in the face, and another story in the UK of a teacher who was assaulted a pupil with a weight from a set of scales causing severe head injuries. Furthermore, I don't think there should be gun free zones, I think responsible citizens should be allowed to carry and conceal handguns to protect themselves and to up the odds when dealing with madmen. Having said that I don't think I would ever visit a cinema in the US if everyone was packing, I might just stay home and watch a DVD instead.
I think Christopher Hitchens put it well in terms of the reasons why we are at war not only with Al Qaeda but also with the Taliban. Obama's appeasement to fascists should make him unelectable for November, you don't negotiate with terrorists and they remain terrorists unless they have wholeheartedly surrendered like the Japenese in WW2. What Obama is doing puts lives in danger from another terrorist attack! Furthermore, I agree with Mitt Romneys approach for dealing with the Taliban... and especially here...
'Organized by the nascent group Creative Community for Peace (CCFP), a nonprofit seeking to counter artist boycotts of Israel... 'The article also talks about artists who have boycotted Israel—or been pressured into canceling dates. 'They include a lot of big names like Carlos Santana, Roger Waters, Elvis Costello and the alternative rock band The Pixies... 'The photo caption reads: 'US singer Lady Gaga did not cave to pressure and appeared in Israel in 2009 'People may or may not like Lady Gaga and her music, but she is standing up against Muslim supremacy and for Israel. I think she deserves some acknowledgment for this...". I agree
I just saw on O'Reilly that Joe Biden said that he would not have ordered the Seals to go into Pakistan after Bin Laden. If thats the case then why is Bin Laden VP. I mean I thought Sarah Palin was an inadequate choice for VP, but Joe Biden is not looking much better.
Toggle Commented May 1, 2012 on Obama 2012: Exploiting OBL at Atlas Shrugs
"I don't know where Bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority." - G.W. Bush, 3/13/02 I actually give credit to Obama for making the decision to go into Pakistan to take out OBL, there is no guarantee that McCain or Bill Clinton would have sent the Seals into Pakistan airspace the way Obama did. Especialy as during the campaign in 08 McCain criticised Obama for talking about wanting to go into Pakistan if he had the intelligence that OBL was there. Bill Clinton would have most likely sent in cruise missles which doesn't guarantee confirmation of an eliminated target. Where I would criticise Obama extensively and why he should not serve a second term by making the US unsafe is his encouragement of & relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood since the Cairo speech (having the MB in the first two rows of the theatre during the speech against Mubarak's wishes) till now (having the Muslim Brotherhood take over in the Middle East and impose Shariah & anti-US/anti-Israel regimes, having the MB in the White House & saying the US wants the Brotherhood to help small businesses in the Middle East) and if the War on Terror is over then the Muslim Brotherhood (which gave birth to Al Qaeda, demands Jihad in it's charter, supports Hamas & wants to bring down the US with civilisational jihad from within) won. Al Qaeda are happy to see MB rise to power worldwide as both have the same goals the imposition of the Shariah. Obama is not strong enough against Iran, as he dropped the ball not supporting the Green revolution in 2009, and no he doesn't carry a "big stick" (even though Joe Biden may disagree) against the Iranian nuclear program as he only calls for economic sanctions which the Iranians can easily bypass with help from India & China, which is to the detriment of Israel & America's safety. Furthermore, our enemies see weakness in his constant bowing to foreign leaders such as the king of Saudi Arabia and Putin himself. His refusal to strengthen the US border puts American lives in jeopordy from Mexican gangs that work with Hezbollah/Al Qaeda, who want to bring WMD into the country. Obama's desire to talk to the Taliban when the Taliban have not given up fighting is also a sign of weakness. Finally, Obama saying he will have more flexibility to bend to Putin's demands to weaken America is another reason he should go. In conclusion if Obama is going to ride OBL's death to re-election, Romney should bring up the act of Muslim Brotherhood treason initiated by Obama.
Toggle Commented May 1, 2012 on Obama 2012: Exploiting OBL at Atlas Shrugs
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