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Christine Norman
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Chris Browns appearance started quite a discussion in our household that went something like this: First my defense of Chris Brown. He is a young man who got caught at a young age doing something horrible and stupid. He paid his penance that the courts told him to and he has moved on. If we don't like the light slap on the wrist he got we need to be angry with the justice system not Chris Brown. I'm hoping he was caught at a young enough age that he has learned and will continue to learn and won't continue this cycle of abuse. At least people are watching him now. The guy is a singer and performer. What did we want or expect him to do? Go work at McDonalds for the rest of his life? He went back to work. The music business is full of misogyny. Anyone read The Dirt by Motley Crue? What a bunch of fine, upstanding gentlemen they are. They are considered rock gods. WTF? What about Hollywood? Roman Polanski is a rapist yet stars continue to work for him and his movies are released and he gets Oscar nominations. Huh? Good for you Wil for taking a stand but you're not the right person to be doing so. Where do Chris Browns peers stand in all this? Where is Jay-Z, Kanye West etc.? What do they have to say? What about Rihanna herself? She's a huge star! But she says nothing? If she had stood up and said I won't appear at the Grammys if He appears I would be Chris Brown wouldn't have been there. She didn't do this. I can understand if she doesn't want to be to poster girl for domestic abuse but unfortunately it was a position she was forced into and it would be nice if she would use her star power to take a stand. If her record company or her 'people' are telling her to stay quiet then shame on them. I think the worst part out of the whole 'Chris Brown at the Grammys' thing it was the tweets that came out after his performance from stupid, stupid women saying things like Chris Brown can beat me anytime. WTF?! That is so wrong I can't even put into words how it really makes me feel. If Rihanna and the hip hop/R&B community started talking maybe these kinds of tweets wouldn't happen, people would stop joking and domestic violence would be taken more seriously. Anyhow Wil, keep up the good work.
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Feb 17, 2012