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"Gene Roddenberry always talked about how amazing humans were, because we could do amazing things when we worked together. " - Exactly. That's what made him great, not the television shows, the dedication to that particular belief. I also think Dork Tower caught the importance of the event and how we as a media society have ignored it basically in the strip today:
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"I have the best wife and the best friends ever in the history of life on this or any other plane of existence." - Yes,... Yes you do. That might be one of the single best birthdays I have ever heard of.
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I live in Ohio and last week it was literally over 100 degrees every single day and I was on staycation. So believe you me, I get the hot. In addition to all that I am a ginger and as everyone knows other than not having my own soul and needing to steal others so I can have a new freckle here and there, I also have almost no pigmentation and burn in like 3.2 milliseconds in the sun.
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All in all this is a good proposal, but there are drawbacks that would need worked out before its viable. 1) All of your internet passwords would be stored in one central location instead of many different locations. Can't really do much except distribute this one, but its something to be aware of. 2) If that location ever gets hacked you are screwed and will be scrambling to change passwords that you don't know because they were generated. This is a very very very bad situation. 3) If the central storage site goes down, you have absolutely no recourse. You cannot access anything and you cannot change passwords because you don't know them. If this is a distributed site then this may be far less likely, but could still be an issue. Guarantees for uptime and such can be made but we only have to look at what happens when RIM goes down to see how bad things could be. The current approach is by no means perfect, it isn't even good, but more thought would be required before your proposal would be anywhere near viable. We just need to be sure that in our rush for less annoying security we don't lose security.
I really enjoyed this episode. I felt that Dr. Parrish started to really feel like a person rather than just a character in this episode. Also I think Colin Ferguson has hit a new high for Carter this season and I'm loving it. All in all it seems that the addition of you and Felicia Day is more of an organic growth to the show rather than just trying to inject anything new for another season. That's what has made it truly fun and interesting this season. I'm looking forward to the rest of the episodes!
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This was a pretty good post in the beginning, but the final line shot it into the stratosphere of pure win!
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