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Christine Welsh
NSW, Australia
My name is Christine and I am addicted to bag making!
Interests: Now that is a good question! Sewing (surprise surprise!), mainly bags and more bags however I do like making an occasional collector teddy bear (OK so I once did that full time BUT the bags took over! LOL) I also love cats and dogs and all sorts of wonderful critters. COOKING and housework are NOT my favourite pass times however and I would MUCH rather be making a bag! I also enjoy spending time with my wonderful children.....oh and sometimes even hubby too! I like to laugh so I love to watch a good comedy movie and I like to watch some drama, scary and love stories too! Oh what the heck....I like a lot of things!
Recent Activity
Will do Judith! Keep us posted in the group with your pick A Pocket! :)
Today Mel has another awesome ID window tutorial to share with us. This one is perfect for adding to any project in need of one! So....let's take a look....over too you Mel- ----------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! My name is Mel (Melanie Euhus if you must!), and I’m thrilled to have been asked to be a guest blogger!! Thanks so much Christine! So Christine wanted to know about my alternative way to make an ID Window for your bags/wallets. This version is... Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2015 at ChrisW Designs
Yes….get to it Rachel! LOLL :)
Hi Rae....It should be ready for testing shortly it isn't too far off ....maybe the end of August/early September....BUT I want to make the new pattern AWESOME so that takes time! ;)
How is everyone enjoying sewing their Pick A Pocket Wallets? Having FUN I hope! Well today I have an awesome tutorial by Mel to share with you. It's an alternative method of making your ID window to get a super neat finish! Let's take a look....over to you Mel- --------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! My name is Mel (Melanie Euhus if you must!), and I’m thrilled to have been asked to be a guest blogger!! Thanks so much Christine! I previously had... Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2015 at ChrisW Designs
Me TOO! LOL :)
Thanks Judith….I must say I am really looking forward to having Ellen’s Sew Alongs become a regular feature! :)
I agree….Ellen’s tips are great!
Thanks for stopping by Judith….I am looking forward to seeing yours! :)
Hi Maxine… can find it here:
Thanks Krista….yes, Ellen has done a fabulous job! :)
Thanks Edna….I am so glad you have found my post useful! :)
Hi Senlin, No worries…..They seem to last just as long as the bag! I haven’t had any issues with the ones I have tried although they may scratch if they came into contact with something rough or sharp….maybe?
I do hope you join us Pat! :)
Thanks for joining us Judy! I am looking forward to seeing your version! :)
Welcome to the Pick A Pocket Sew Along - Part Four and final part! What FUN to be getting this close to finishing! WOOHOO! So....let's not waste any time and get back to work! ;) Over to you, Ellen! :) ----------------------------------------------------- Hello again, well today is Section 4 and the last part of the series. I hope that my ramblings have been helpful to some of you while making your new Wallet. Thanks again to Christine for having me here;... Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2015 at ChrisW Designs
Welcome to the Pick A Pocket Wallet Sew Along - Part Three! Over to you, Ellen! :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello.... How are we all today? I hope you’re all well out there in fabric world, and your all sewing up a storm, or at least getting ready to. If you haven’t started yet, then you better get a wriggle on. Lol. Welcome to the Third section of the Pick A Pocket Wallet Sew a Long. (That’s a mouth full) I wanted... Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2015 at ChrisW Designs
Welcome to the Pick A Pocket Sew Along - Part Two! It's so AWESOME to see how many of you have already joined in the fun BUT it isn't too late to join in, if you haven't yet! The sew along runs for a whole month and you can join in anytime! :) it is over to you, Ellen! :) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Section Two: Retrieve your tab pieces/seam together / trim and pink curve (it will help it to sit... Continue reading
Posted Aug 11, 2015 at ChrisW Designs
Hi Maxine…..We will post the steps over 4 days at the start of the Sew Along BUT you can join in anytime and work to your own schedule…just join in the event in the group and post your progress or ask for help anytime you need it! There will be people sewing at all stages throughout the event so it should be a lot of fun and always someone around to help if you need it! :)
LOL! You ROCK Marilyn!  be sure to send me the pics to add to the website page! ;)
AWESOME! So glad you are joining in, Vicky! :)
Great! So glad to have you join in Judith! :)
Welcome to the Pick A Pocket Sew Along - Part One! I am really happy to have the help of my friend and trusty pattern tester Ellen who has done an awesome job setting up the following steps for us without further babble from me it is over to you, Ellen! :) ----------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone my name is Ellen and I’m helping Christine out with the “Pick A Pocket Wallet” Sew Along. Yay!!! How excited are we..... I can... Continue reading
Posted Aug 10, 2015 at ChrisW Designs
Hi Rae, No….sorry BUT I am re-vamping the pattern. I was going to discontinue it altogether BUT I am re-doing it instead……So watch for the new improved version! Join my newsletter to benotified of it’s release AND get a 20% discount too! The signup link is in the sidebar. :)
So what has everyone been making lately? Bags and wallets of all sorts, I hope? :) Well...I thought it was time for another sew along! The Pick A Pocket wallet is the lucky candidate....How does that sound? Don't forget there is the choice of TWO versions with this wallet! This time we will be doing things a little differently. My lovely and talented pattern tester and Facebook Group admin, Ellen, is going to be sewing and posting the steps here... Continue reading
Posted Aug 5, 2015 at ChrisW Designs