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Chris Weiss
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I'd be curious to know how close the film stuck to the original script. There were a few bits in there where I really felt like "There's something important on the editing room floor". Particularly the suicide of the radio man(?). We'll have to wait for the mega phat DVD version. I gotta admit, the original is certainly in my top 5 horror flicks (and still has *the* best jump-outta-the-seat moment when the Thing passes through that dark hallway).
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We used to use Yammer - essentially persistent, secure, *searchable* IRC. I'd never even thought of using Skype's group chat functionality in that way. I was about to say they're just missing search, but it looks like Cmd-F works. A couple of features Yammer has that Skype doesn't - a web interface to the chat channels, and RSS feed of the channels. I never used the RSS feed, but the web interface was nice, especially when I was in a location where I couldn't install the Yammer desktop Air client. On the flipside, having the chat built into Skype means not having to install another fat IM client (Yammer is also a "walled garden").
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Dec 5, 2010