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Chuck Tanowitz
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Hi Josh, This is a great idea and one that I've heard before in different incarnations. The problem, however, isn't with the information provided but in the abilities of the PR folks. This won't solve that. If you look through the Cision database (or any media database) you'll find a series of influencers who tell the person calling "don't call me, just email." But then in practice you can, in fact, call them if you have a good reason for doing so. It's the difference between information and knowledge. What you're proposing is interesting, but also just adds more information. We have all the information we need. We can read blogs, articles, Tweets or watch videos the influencers put out. We can gather as much information as we like to make intelligent decision as to who would be most interesting in the information we're pitching. Yet, too many PR folks choose not to do that. If influencers start writing their own profiles I predict that they will use it to put up barriers, open themselves up. They'll try to scare off PR pitches, not attract better ones. I'd rather see influencers start talking about the firms that "spray and pray." Open the discussions on that side a bit more so when companies are making PR decisions they go to the agencies and individuals doing things properly.
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Jul 18, 2010