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Gustavo Ruelas a U.S. U-20 player from California who is under the employ of Santos Laguna. Or he was under their employ as he's now been picked up by Celtic on loan.
You guys are just jealous, cause your fat azz can't fit into an small petite jersey.
Anyone else think the Union would have more points if Chris Seitz was not the starting goalkeeper?
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2010 on Updating the MLS Playoff Race at Soccer By Ives
Just be glad guys, at least he didn't wear the tightest short in the history.
I have been saying it for almost two year that Peko should not be on this team, he is just not fast or strong enough to play that position. Get some youth in there.
Carson is definitely erratic in his decision making. The 2nd half showed me some promise, so all is not lost yet.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2010 on Theory at WhoDeyRevolution
It's cause US Soccer is cheap, they probably is paying bob 1/3 of what they would of have paid for the German guy.
They deserve it.
I just wanted to know why are the Union home game always in the middle of the day when its hotter than a devils Johnson?
Is the comment box giving anyone else trouble?
Then why is England so bad at the world cup and Germany is always good? They both have great talents and thy both that great domestic league. To me the only difference I see is the mind set. And I think as the USA a moves forward not only our technical skill and ball control must get better, but also our mind set should always be better than the other team. Our team should never be afraid of the challenge or think they have better players so will have to work harder. It should be that we have better players and we are a better team, not just say it, but show it.
What does the lose of Mexico and England mean to the USA? Both Mexico and England have better domestic league and better players but have not made it any farther than the USA. But how is that Germany, Argentina, Brazil always makes it farther than most? How do the USA improve? I"m so confused.
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Jun 27, 2010