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Life isn't a English class shawn. Just so you know I'm in English IB (International Baccalaureate)I'm in grade ten and I'm doing grade 12 level stuff, and I do know how to properly qoute someone but I'm not going to do MLA citation on your quote. And I don't know what your skills are but I don't think they'd be very useful in a completly proverty stricken country like El Salvador think of it as starting a bisuness in the poorest town of africa it's not going to work.
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Really? "get a helmet" Very gentlemanlike of you shawn. Selfish unopen-minded people like you give the United States a bad rap internationally. I'm 14 years old and I probably know more on the topic than you. So shawn let me ask you a question you think its fair for people to die in wars and violence becuase people like you think it's ok to banish these people from a country they've been living in for 20 years and have done absolutly nothing against the law or anyone. Do you know how ignorant you sound when you say "sometimes dreams get crushed get a helmet". And another question what if all you've ever worked for your career all the years of college or university you've done and your house everything was token out from under you and your family had to go live to this unknown violence and poverty stricken country wuld you still be saying dreams get crushed get a helmet? I dont think so.
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I completely agree with josh. And for the ignorant people put yourself in this position for a second.If you were in the position of a immigrant mother or father and you lived in poverty because there were no jobs in your country because of a civil war with no chance of success in life for you or your kids and you came to the U.S. to give your family a better chance of life or at least survival (because millions or innocent people die in civil wars I know from personal experience.) and to be deported back after you've built a life here along with their children now grown up and university students. I wish you ignorant people could see what these parents went through to have a better life for their children and to have their kids be deported back to a country they don't know and for those kids to have all their dreams crushed by people like you. I s that what you want to do?
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Jan 3, 2012