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I love your thinking about "karmic currency" - it is the best kind, after all, isn't it?! Wishing you your best year ever, both with your writing projects and your time with Cleo:)
Happy Birthday/Homecoming/Gotcha Day, Cleo! Keep those soft eyes workin' it, cause you deserve the Royal Treatment today!!
Am I missing something here? You repeatedly state you are asserting "FACTS" - the only facts I find in this post are the ones gleaned from Mel's post - ?? Otherwise, everything else that you list as factual are either hearsay or from the "horse's mouth" (what Michael Ayalon himself asserts). Oh, and the ancient Facebook note that was probably overlooked when the ASPCA changed their opinion of Mr. Ayalon - ? Didn't Mel mention he was originally lauded by the ASPCA, then later he was removed from their list? The sites linked to in this post, as well as many others found when searched for in connection with Mr. Ayalon's business appear, at best, to be questionable breeders. Why does PuppyPetites require NINE sites if they are local? Why do so many of these so-called home breeders only display photos? How convenient. Members of BlogPaws would expect that you would at least research these things, not blindly defend them. From your post, you seem to feel your research is done - because Michael Ayalon told you he's okay. As a business that purports to represent the interests of pet bloggers and pet lovers, I personally find not only your conscious choice of Mr. Ayalon as a conference speaker, but also your whining, ill-formed defense of yourselves in this post, extremely disturbing. The one fact that glares at me from your post is an all-out, no-holds-barred attack on a pet blogger who not only wrote about her OPINION, she backed it up with actual facts (such as the ones you copied from her for this post). Tom, I can't fathom how you could possibly imply Edie of being less than professional; her comment is succinct and sincere, and yours in response is accusatory, inflammatory, and frankly - downright nasty. You also only verify that BlogPaws was not up to par when choosing locations two years in a row, among other things. A succession of name-calling and knee-jerk slaps at what you wrongly perceived to be an "attack" show an unbelievable, inexcusable lack of maturity - and yes, professionalism. Disclaimer: This comment is an opinion.
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Sep 16, 2011