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Island living as waste free and eco-reponsible as this little family can.
Interests: playing with my kids, making real food, hanging with my husband, just loving life
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Mar 15, 2010
Cloth produce bags are great, and buying from the farmers market has greatly reduced our packaging. Also on feminine hygeine, washable pads can be bought through sellers or you can find lots of patterns and instructions on the internet. I use washed tin cans (my opener opens them from the glued part so its not sharp)for keeping my kids pens, pencils, and crayons organized, and can also be painted any color and used for vases. All the throw out copy paper that comes through our office is then x'ed out and the blank side is used. This has saved us a tremendous amount of paper through the years. We have also started faxing copies or even better emailing them to save paper and envelopes to any customer that will take it that way. Cloth napkins, reusable containers and utensils go in every home lunch for my kids.
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