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Ed need to go back to troll school...your post was not even close to being believable.
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I am not here to discuss the pros/cons of Medical Marijuana - I am just here to try fight for a choice as a Florida citizen. I am not a grassroots activist - just a mid-life Dad who is starting to deal with persitent pain from nerve issues and who wants to be able to explore all reasonable options that would result in an acceptable quality of life without risking my future or my children's future by breaking the law. There are currently at least 16 states that allow Medical Marijuana. There is an increasing shift in the number of American adults who view Medical Marijuana as acceptable - There are currently 2 bills - one in the house and one in the senate - in Tallahassee that will die this session because the members of our legislature are ignoring them. What we can do is collect enough signatures to force the issue on the ballot in the 2014 election and let the voting population of Florida decide. I am not affiliated with any of the organizations or groups below but am just doing my small part to address an issue I feel strongly about. United For Care ( originally People United for Medical Marijuana ( PUFMM) is backing a signature petition that would force the issue onto the ballot in 2014. Almost 700,000 signatures are needed. There are 8.4 million registered Florida voters - that is only 1 - 12 that we need to sign the petition. This initiative has gained mainstream momentum with the addition of John Morgan as chariman ( head of Morgan and Morgan law firm ). The links below lead to Unitedforcare's website. All I hope to see is the opportunity to express my choice at the polls in 2014. - Thanks for reading this.
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Apr 8, 2013