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Absolutely for trading up. RG3 is a hard worker, responsible person with great character, high intelligence, and has great talent with a big-time arm. If we're not going to bet on this QB, and the ability of Kyle and Mike Shanahan to get RG3 to be a great quarterback, what quarterback out there are we going to bet on? Flynn, a one-game wonder? Peyton Manning, who the Colts are letting go, and has run a completely different system for the last 15 years? (When did we do that last, oh yeah, McNabb-if Shanny gets Peyton and he doesn't work out, due to system-change or injury, then Mike's history) It's time to grow some talent in-house, and if we don't bet on RG3, then who are we going to bet on, and if not now, then when?
No. Tired of bandaids. Especially a 35 year old one with a history of neck injuries. Let's develop a young QB and be good for years.
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Dec 8, 2011