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C.J. Liu
Interests: Yoga, Pilates, Art, Spirituality, Family, Sleeping
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Mar 16, 2010
This past weekend I found myself trying to sing from a hymn book about Almighty God. I found myself singing to an old man with a gigantic white beard. Somehow my outcries of unworthiness in verse felt like desperate cries of not being good enough. I thought these feelings of unworthiness were only supposed to happen when you are a zit covered teenager. The rebel in me was getting a tad bit peeved. So, some old dude in the sky is going to past judgment on whether I am a good person or not? Next thing you know this guy... Continue reading
Thanks for you comment. Can you elaborate on how the PHP, .net programming is different in terms of skill set and what you work out?
I know of a couple of coaches who are also psychotherapists. The two practices are different. I agree with the above about the focus on past and present and for the most part coaching is about the present. I agree that it isn't about solving emotional problems too. However, I think that there are many similarities in terms of using your intuition, listening, and being present, which are the critical skills you need with both. The key is that you have a strong foundation to build from than most folks.
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This is really good feedback. Sorry it took me so long to get back to it. As always the experts in the field are the most useful. What do you guys think about online classes? I had another client ask about this? What do you think are difficulties in going down this path? Would it affect a persons attractiveness as a job candidate?
I mean helped :)
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Fantastic! I'm glad it elped.
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Carolyn I hear you. It seems like this should be in the realm of personal stuff. It seems like a persons ability to perform the job and their track record on the job should be the main criteria. While it's tempting to place blame, try not to take this business process as a personal indictment. If you allow an impersonal process to shame you, then no one but yourself loses. The checking of the credit rating has nothing to do about you or what a great team player I believe that you to be. It's really about covering financial risks and a business process like applying a credit check before you buy a house. Businesses have these processes and checks because they have data that there is a correlation with a few folks who made some bad decisions at the job (e.g.-stealing, embezzling) and their business losses. Unfortunately, this is a case where a few affect the whole. Thanks for venting!
Brian, Thanks for your comments. I think it's fair to say that there are many coaches good and bad out there. Personally, I don't think coaching to your friends provides a huge risk to the profession or how others view it or view it as irresponsible. I coached before getting a coaching certificate and nothing bad happened to my MSFT clients or the people I coached. As with anything experience helps, but it isn't everything. Sometimes the most poignant coaching I get comes from my 10 year old son. Life wisdom is everywhere if you are open to it. A person with good intentions, a warm heart, and good listening skills can do much to help someone in need. I have faith in people in general and my sense is that Ryan has much to share as investment banker is not for the faint of heart. In my experience, what I discovered through coaching others was a better understanding of my personal gaps in coaching in a real-life setting. While this may not work for everyone, it helped me choose the coaching school and the loads of classes that I took. I liked your idea on books and that is always a good start for some that are gun shy. My favorite is Thanks, CJ
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Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm glad it was helpful. I just tried to get to your website link and I wasn't able to see your resources. Can you repost?
I think one way you can handle this topic is by asking employees next steps in their process in terms of logistics. That would be a discrete way of finding out. It seems like there are jobs that don't require credit checks. Do you have any interest in applying for those? For some the 2 year gap in your resume may have an impact as well. Make sure not to degrade or frame your situation as "shoddy" and in a "plight" in your mind. Compassion to yourself is key. You've had a tough run as have lots of other folks. If you view yourself negatively, it drags your overall confidence down and that is often not attractive to an employer. Even if you don't say it, they feel it. Hold your head up high. Assume the best. You made a mistake, you learned from your mistake. You are good person with skills to offer. It's now time for you to forgive yourself and let go of the past :)
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Thanks for your comments and providing some extra resources for folks :)
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