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Carrie Jorgensen
Cortes de Cima, Portugal
Californian girl moves to Portugal and starts a winery
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my twitter@cortesdecima log-in above didnt work!
We find that a lot of our customers don't have a clue of what the QR Code or AVIN are, and therefore are trying to help educate them. However, now and then, we meet someone who is completely at home with them, and loves to see them on our bottles, and makes immediate use of them, by whipping out their cellphones, scanning, and 'presto' they have instant tasting notes and all the other info available on the Adegga site!
As one of the few European winery bloggers at the conference, I thought it was a great opportunity to interact with both other winery bloggers as well as other wine bloggers - in that atmosphere, it was impossible for anyone to really 'stay on the sidelines' as one was constantly meeting new and interesting people, making new contacts and interaction was non-stop! Of course, it was also a great opportunity to listen and learn, with such a stellar line-up of talented and dynamic social networking gurus wanting to share their experiences and if it looked as if we were just standing on the sidelines, perhaps some were standing still to try to listen?
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