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Interests: Science fiction, cake decorating, fun
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Are sure that's your family and not you and couple of your buddies hanging out with a gorgeous woman lol? Seriously though I love the family pic!!! As a mother a three young children I can fully understand why you've kept them out of the lime light for so long. It is great to finally have some faces to go with all of the great stories you've told about them. I have to say bravo to you sir as you and your wife have raised two amazing boys and molded them into two amazing young men. They are lucky to have you as a father and Anne is one lucky lady to have you as a husband. You should be proud of your accomplishments not only as husband and father but as a writer as well. Keep the books coming and remember geeks rule!!!!
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Here is another poem from the same book dedicated to your brain and any other body part you like to have conversations with lol. Body Language Said my feet,"Hey, let's go dancin'." Said my tongue,"Let's have a snack." Said my brain,"Let's read a good book." Said my eyes'"Let's take a nap." Said my legs,"Let's just go walkin'." Said my back,"Let's take a ride." Said my seat,"Well, I'll just sit right here, 'Til all of you decide."
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Wil, I was reading through Shel Silverstein's "Falling Up" when I came across a poem entitled "Writer Waiting". It made me think of you and all your struggles as a writer. So I thought I would send it your way and I hope that you continue to write your books are awersome. Writer Waiting Oh this shiny new computer--- There just isn't nothin' cuter. It knows everything the world ever knew. And with this great computer I don't need no writin' tutor, 'Cause there ain't a single thing that it can't do. It can sort and it can spell, It can punctuate as well. It can find and file and underline and type. It can edit and select, It can copy and correct, So I'll have a whole book writtne by tonight (Just as soon as it can think of what to write).
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Just ordered my copy of The day after and other stories and I am really excited to get it. I recieved my copies of Just a Geek and Walking Barefoot and I loved them both. I hope to one day meet you in person so that you can sign them for me. The possibilty of me attending any conventions in the near future looks grim. I don't have what you call a disposable income in fact I barely have an income at all. You never know though cause miracles happen every day and I am long over due for mine lol. If your ever in San Francisco maybe our paths will cross and that miracle will happen till then never stop writing and remembergeeks rule!!!
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Nice looks like my sons bedroom floor on a good day lol. Then again you are a big kid with a big heart. I hope you keep adding to your collection but I gotta say glad it's you cleaning up all those dice and not me lol. Stay young, stay fun, and stay real and fans like me will keep coming back to read your blog. Can't help ourselves it's like lay's you can't read it just once you gotta come back for more. hahahaha!!!!
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Your wife is one lucky woman! I've been married for eleven years and have yet to get my husband to dance or walk with me in the rain. When it comes to video games he can destroy me with his eyes closed. We celebrated eleven years of marriage this last august. As his gift to me he gave me the chance to go after my life long dream. He believes in me so much that he quit his job, packed up and moved our family over 800 miles so that I can go to pastry school. Is that love or what? Age is a state of mind and I say if you feel like acting 12 again then go for it. It just goes to show you are never to old to have a good time. If anyone tells you different stick your tonuge out at them and tell them ththththth!!!! LOL
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Jun 15, 2010