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Thanks for a great post, Josh. It's amazing how many people in professional world don't have a clue about how to do this. This is a very valuable primer for them--and a good refresher for the rest of us! Carroll Lachnit Executive Editor Workforce Management
Good post, Kris. A few more details on this story can be found on Investment News' site. Some of those released were high producers for Wachovia's brokerage business:
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Well put, Kris. You don't hear CEOs and CFOs whining like this. Deeds, not words, and certainly not complaints, will change the perception of HR.
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Nice entry, Kris. My editor-centric observation is that there's nothing new about this issue. Workforce Management (back then, we were called Workforce) wrote about this in 1996, in a story called "Single's Backlash." Plus ça change. There willl always be people who game the workplace and dump their work on colleagues, and others who find a way to balance their work and non-work lives. It's not about who is childless (or child-full); it's about personal responsibility.
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50K is great, Kris. Like Lisa, I think the secret of your success is that picture in the upper left hand corner--as well as your wicked sense of humor. We here are Workforce Management (aka are happy to be spreading the word...
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Kris, Kris, Kris. Everyone has to disconnect sometime and catch a breath (even if it's panting in the line at Space Mountain). Vacation is about creating not just physical distance from work, but psychic space. And that means unplugging. And using that out-of-office reply, no matter what Guru Jeff says. Just let your recipients know who to call in your absence. No one is indispensable. Would you rather get some practice in leaving your BlackBerry off now, or when you're in the ICU, after that stress-induced heart attack? I guarantee you they don't allow them there.
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