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Happy Healthy & Wealthy are the 3 words I use most often to describe the results my coaching gives to my clients. And that's my aim- to support people in being all 3, because they are all equally important and for me also interdependent. Thanks for a great inspiring post, that made me realise I'd already been implementing my 3 words :)
Hi Marc, Thanks for sharing, I think it's really important to share goals with people, successes & failures, because it's human nature that we do learn from each other & you'll definitely have inspired people. A resource I recommend to clients is a place to record goals- things you want to achieve in your lifetime. I've been using it for about 2 years now & it has been very helpful. There's a great supportive, motivating online community active on it. Congrats on the weight loss!! I'm right behind you having lost 7kg in 3 months Yayy us! There's a set of exercises that I do that might work very well for you- they only take 16 mins to complete & exercise every muscle group in the entire body- it's called psychocalisthenics or pcals for short. Details of courses in London are here: Next one is Sept. I met Nora the instructor when I first learned this 4 years ago, when I use it regularly it gives me so much more energy & tones muscles beautifully! Anyway good luck & keep going, missing one day of rowing is not the end of the world so don't beat yourself up, but use it as an opportunity to recommitt yourself to your fitness goals. Also it may be an indication that you're bored with the same exercise every day, might be good to spice it up a bit!
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Jul 14, 2010