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Ha ha - so true! I say 'Come on' so much - it is usually followed by 'your sister isn't getting any lighter' Mine are: 1) 'Yes, Darling that's lovely' usually in response to 'Cware, Cware! Look!' or 'Mummy WOW!' (if I don't respond quickly enough it is usually repeated - loudly). I sometimes think I use this for other people's benefit so they don't think I am actually ignoring my children. 2) 'Enough!' in response to two girls thinking it is hysterically funny to sit and scream at each other from different ends of the room. This is usually reflected back at me if I ask them to tidy or do something they generally don't want to do. 3) 'In a minute'. Both girls have no concept of time and I am in no hurry teach them how to tell the time 4) 'Please don't sit on each other' I am saying this with alarming frequency coupled with a feeling of 'this will never end well'
Glad all went well but that referred pain in the shoulders is awful x
Love the haircare centre! Shame about the BBQ though x
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Aug 22, 2010
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Aug 22, 2010