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It was neat! It stalled a few times for me (I generally have that experience on Ustream - I'm in the UK if it matters), but audio and video quality was generally good. I loved the "tour around the office" thing btw and didn't think of it as voyeuristic, since you were the one doing the tour. A++++ would watch again. Would pay if the actual broadcast was something I'm interested in (as opposed to, I dunno, a $10/month subscription to Wilstream without knowing in advance where you'll be). PS you are too cute!
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Heh, funny, I too was contacted by BT (Twitter account @BTcare) after I complained about them - PUBLICLY - on Twitter. I thought it was rather cute of them to bother.
Interesting indeed. When my dad died in 2002, I blogged about it the same day. Just a one-liner (so I guess it counts as some kinda Twitter update), but it was definitely important to me to get the info out via that medium - partly to let my friends know, most of whom I communicated with mainly online, and also because my blog was an important part of my life. As no doubt Twitter is to this woman. Tho I can also sort of "see" that someone who's not so digitally minded may find it strange that one would think of tweeting so early on after tragedy hits. Some people don't understand how some other people work, news at eleven, or some such snark.
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Dec 18, 2009