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LOL. I am going to borrow that sentence and use it sometime in the near future. Thank you. :) Reading the comments and posts by Tara Carreon has easily been the greatest and weirdest thing I have read in a long while...which is kind of sad really...
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The internets have a way of distorting the scale and proportion of events. Whether its an embarrassing video of someone on YouTube, an offensive twitter post, or a misguided crusading lawyer, things have a way of exploding...Bus Lady and Tan Mom for example.. It doesn't help that its all so damn public either. When the world is watching no one wants to be the person who steps back and says "Ive taken this too far"....and after reading that article (thanks BTW) and the Ralph Nader Library link with running commentary from Tara Carreon I cant help but wonder if he's thinking its past that point....
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Very true. I'm on side with you not adding fuel to the fire. And while I dont know that the comments were especially "effective", I do feel like they are soothing to the soul...In an abrasive and caustic kind of way.... I have never seen Wil post mindless and hateful slander. His posts are always on point and he does a good job acting as a role model, which is why his little hate filled rant was so effective for me. These people genuinely deserve our vitriol. Normally Id say, look the other way and don't feed the trolls...but today I feel like a litte more personal outrage is waranted! :)
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"He's a bully confused by the idea of an Internet nerd standing up for himself"... by standing in the way of charitable donations going to people in need. I personally am happy that Wil opted to forgo the "paragon option on this dialogue tree" and instead chose to express how he actually feels about this situation. Anger, disgust, and other very human emotions which are not buried behind well intentioned but meaningless language . If Charles Carreon was standing in between the cure for cancer and my dying mother, I would not be interested in being a role model, id be interested in being effective.
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Jun 27, 2012