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Clay Moore
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I get a big laugh when I read self-described "Independents" promote the RINO Romney campaign. Why do NeoCons persist in trying to pass themselves off as Independent? In 1992, Mitt Romney was running Bain Capital, a private equity firm. Bain Capital bought American Pad & Paper Co. (Ampad) for $5 million. Over the next several years Romney's firm bled the company dry. Hundreds of workers lost their jobs. Stockholders were left with worthless shares. Creditors and vendors were paid less than 50 cents on the dollar. While they were exploiting the company, Romney's firm charged Ampad millions of dollars in "management fees." In all, Romney and his investors reaped more than $100 million dollars from the deal. Bane Capital practices "Prey Enterprise" & "Cancer Capitalism". They enrich themselves on the misery of others. Ask yourself why is the Romney RINO machine spending millions attacking fellow Republicans and not Obama. Do you really believe that Mitt who is worth $270 Million wants a job that only pays $400 thousand a year? He's no patriot, so why does he want to control the U.S. Treasury? Anyone? 
 Does anyone on Romney's campaign staff have a brain? Are they so naive to think that by incessant personal attacks on Gingrich and the others will change anyone's mind? Romney is the handpicked front man for the GOP establishment that has corrupted the meaning of the term Conservative. LOL
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Marco Rubio has been wined & dined by the GOP NeoCon establishment from the day he went to his Senate Office in Washington. I'm sure they made him feel like they had great future plans for him ..... as long as he played on their team and goes along to get along. The nomination campaign is not between Republicans and Democrats. It's between the the RINO NeoCons who have controlled the GOP leadership for decades and the silent majority of conservative Americans represented by the Tea Party. Rubio needs to decide whose side he is on and better not forget that it was the Tea Party that voted him to the Senate. He CAN be replaced if his personal ambitions forget that he'd better dance with those that took him there.
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Jan 25, 2012