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Here is why RSL is over KC. KC is the best team in the east and will probably take the Supporters Shield this year due the the new schedule. But lets face the facts RSL has out done and out classed thier opponets and the best part is they have done that for the most part with out aguably their 4 best players. Now that they are back and healthy they get even stronger. Not to mention they are one of the deepest if not the deepest team this year. That would be one reason why RSL is over KC. KC is a very good team, but with out their top 4 they be 2-2 at the best. The loss to Chivas USA was a fluke. RSL out possed and out shot Chivas. Chivas just played a great counter attack and got a goal. RSTID
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2012 on SBI MLS Power Rankings: Week 4 at Soccer By Ives
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Apr 3, 2012