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Thank you for your comments about our Tsampa Soup. We share your concern and respect for the people of Tibet, and rather than disregarding them, or “stealing” the name of their national food, our intent is to share what we’ve learned from ancient Himalayan knowledge. As you probably already know, tsampa is made from whole grains which have been steamed and roasted before drying. The result is a grain-based food that cooks fast and makes more of its nutrients readily available to the human body. Years ago, Yvon Chouinard’s Sherpa friends introduced him to this concept, in the form of tsampa, and it provided the best energy source he’d ever experienced. When he returned home, he was inspired to use the techniques he’d learned to create his own version, which is now our Tsampa Soup. Our Tsampa Soup is made (and named) with utmost respect for our friends throughout the Himalaya. -Patagonia Provisions