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I made a mistake not to mention "Fee speech TV" with Amy Goodman,which is another news show that should be watched with dedication, top notch outstanding dissemination of news information, for the common good of the people. You people should watch FSTV, Russia RT/eng, China CCTV/eng and al jazeera news channels to see how informed those anchors are to tell the news with great minds interviews like; Howard Zinn reast in peace, Gerald Celente, Norm Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Louise Farikan, Richard a Clark, Michael Moor, Stephen Graham, Jeffrey m. Smith, Richard D. Wolff, Glenn Greenweald, Robert Scheer just a few. I notice that there is some outspoken Americans that never see's the light of day on the big four networks. Nuts. Consequently today hosts and their crew can do a better job other than sitting around on that sofa like they are in their living room at home.
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Jun 30, 2012