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...and why you should work on being able to take it. CR Williams, Suarez International Staff Instructor Gabe's recent article about the shooting at the Carson City IHOP was, as such things tend to be, copied to and discussed on a number of gun forums outside of Warrior Talk. On one such I frequent some posters said that they would take the shot the BBQ owner did not, some said they did not feel capable of that shot at their current level of capability but would have tried to work to ranges and positions where they would feel confident of the shot. Others expressed a need to work on their long-range shooting. Some did not think they could get 'good enough' to be able to take the shot and some did not think their current carry weapon was up to the shot. Others raised concerns about stray rounds and whether you really could make an effective shot at that distance (between 70 and 100 yards). Still others declared that they carried for their own defense and would make a good... Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2011 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
Is it important to focus on it? If you don’t get the gun out, you might die. Is that important to you? CR Williams I wonder sometimes if we, instructors or students, give enough attention to the drawstroke. Oh, sure, we practice it endlessly—I hope you do, anyway—but practice is not study, and study is what makes the technique sound when we practice it. And we need a very sound drawstroke, I think, just as soon as we can get it. There are two seemingly-obvious questions I need to ask so that you can better understand how important it is to get this down: Why, outside of practice and training, would you need to draw the gun to begin with? Obvious question, obvious answer: You draw the gun because there’s a threat to your life or someone else’s life right there, right now. It’s a lethal-force threat, however you and/or the law defines that, and the only way you can stop it is to introduce your own capability to project lethal force if you have to. So, you draw the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2011 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
Maybe not…or smooth, either, for that matter. And it’s not just the drawstroke we’re talking about. CR Williams On one forum, it was a declarative statement: “Most times, speed of draw is all you need.” On that same forum and another one, it was a question: “In reality, how critical is draw speed?” Then there is the attendant question: “If a fast draw is important, how do I get it?” To which there is a standard attendant answer: “Work to make it smooth. Smooth is fast. Get it smooth and the speed will come.” Well, I’ve had reason to think about this lately, and I’m no longer convinced that speed is what we should be thinking of, or that striving for a smooth motion is always and absolutely desirable. I define speed as rate of movement, velocity, distance-over-time, and, important to this discussion, a ‘steady-state’ situation. You get up to speed and then you maintain that speed. That’s how I think about it. But that’s not how a fight, a reactive fight, a fight for life, is going to work,... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2011 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
What Do You Know? CR Williams As of the time of this writing, it has been a day or two since two people, both instructors with a lot of time on the books, posted in the same thread on a gun forum and ended their posts with the same question: “But what do I know?” A day or two later, I find myself pondering this very thing, because it’s a great question. What DO you know? And it leads to some very useful follow-ups: Is what you know useful? Is what you know relevant? Is what you know current? Does what you know actually help you or someone else? I work in the Information Technology field. I’m used to asking those questions to myself on an almost daily basis. And I’m used to the answers sometimes being, in order: Not Enough, Not So Far, Not To This Situation, Not At This Time. When I get those answers, I’m used to working on getting the knowledge I need to change the answers and solve the problems. As a student of the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2011 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
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