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I saw your Keynote (I guess) address at the con - stood in line for an autograph and the chapbook and gave you a die. You were funny at the address, very gracious, and the lack of a handshake is AOK in my book (especially since I'd just come off a month as a Director for a summer program for gifted kids where I got sick twice). It was good to get a chance to say a few words to you and the Guild cast. I wanted to ask you to trade your "True Dungeon Survivor" button for my much more rare "True Dungeon Victim" button but you looked like you were a little worn down by the time I got to the front of the line and I didn't want to keep you there any longer than you had to be. I've told some of my "normal" friends that I saw Wesley Crusher talk about how D&D changed his life and they said it was the nerdiest thing they ever heard! I'm going to let them read your book and see if they can keep from getting all choked up then.
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Aug 10, 2010