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I hate to break this to Republicans, but you are going to see a huge uptick in Democratic ballots tomorrow. If you don't believe me just go to the Orange County website to see the margin from this last day of early voting there. Hillsborough too. The Democrats should net an additional 40 to 50 thousand votes tomorrow and will go into election day with a nice cushion. Oh and by the way Iran has agreed to stop enriching uranium, so there goes the Jewish vote.
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@CB8421 the split is roughly the same as it was in 2008, something like 41% Dem and 36% Rep. It looks like Dems will have about an 80 to 90 thousand vote lead going into election day. Last time, they led by 280,000 ballots going into election day and Obama won by 234,000 actual votes when all the votes were counted. This time, it's incredibly hard to predict. Romney will win Indies in Florida, but by how much? It's just difficult to say. If Obama can hold down his losses by, say, five points among Indies, then he can win Florida. I guess I would say Florida will be the last state to be called for either candidate. My feeling is that Obama still takes it by about 5,000 votes, but it's probably going to take provisionals to push him over the top. One thing is for sure: If the Romney campaign felt they had more than a 2-3 point lead in the state Romney wouldn't be campaigning in Florida, which is what he's doing right now.
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Nov 1, 2012