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Hmmm. Very interesting points Tim...but I disagree...I'm ok with the linking (like Mitch Joel does) because I've learned to control the "rabbit hole" thing... I don't enjoy reading long content so I skim through the entire post before choosing to leave that post.....then, I go back, click the link, skim that post or just quickly "follow" the author and look them up another day and read at my leisure...I've learned to not waste time in reading something that doesn't get to my topics of interest... Yes, Mitch adds a lot of "blue" links but I click on very few... I find that when you get to know the author you get a feel for their links and overall this saves me time by getting me to the content (or new person) that I really enjoy/want to read... If the links are place within the content I can tell if they're relevant to my real interests..If they're placed at the end, I don't feel any connection to the thought or topic... Make sense? Clint.
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Nov 29, 2012