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... your child is still inhaling. Parents should just assume that sooner or later their child is going to get bullied. A child that is bullied will try to avoid being where ever the bullying takes place and/or reproduce the bullying behavior. They will "get sick" or appear "shy" more than usual and/or they will criticize or pick on other kids (they might even do damaging things to themselves). It can be a simple as saying "you are (I am) so stupid" or it could mean physical violence. The key is not to wait for the worst to happen to teach them that they are special and valuable and no one can do or say anything that can make them any less. The best way to teach them is to show them. When a child SEES the adults in their lives show compassion and tolerance to people who are different from themselves they KNOW there is nothing that would every cause them to lose the love of those adults and the child becomes resilient.
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I remember Fat Albert. I haven't had a reason to read the "Little Bill" (I'm so old that one of the first books I paid for with my own money was "Cool Cos: The Story of Bill Cosby"), but I don't think reading it would change my comments very much. The problem with bullying ISN'T just a problem between kids. Neither the kids doing the bullying nor the ones being bullied live in a vacuum. It's adults who send the message, "You're so stupid, that when you fail a test we give your school a failing grade and fire your teacher" when they talk about school reform. It's adults who call people who look different nasty names or kill people they disagree with over political issues. A bully learns everything they do by copying the behavior of adults and everything that makes a child feel bad about themselves only matters because the same messages comes from the adults around them. The bullying among adults have to stop, if there's going to be any hope of it stopping among kids. If we hope that kids will feel better about themselves, we also need to recognize how we all (children AND adults, alike) are special and valuable. One of my personal favorite ways this sentiment has been expressed is Dr. King's Drum Major Instinct.
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Step 1. Choose a day and declare everyone in America a convict by changing the word "American" to "convict" in all our legal documents. Step 2. Hire enough people needed to allow us house, feed, and care for 300 million+ convicts. (BTW, with everyone a convinct, it would mean the end of unemployment.) a. Building enough housing for the convicts would end homelessness. b. Feeding all the convicts would end hunger. c. All the convicts would be entitled to live in a relatively healthy, safe environment, a basic education*, and medical care, etc. Step 3. All the people who got jobs providing services to the convicts could then be declared no longer convicts and there would still be no unemployment. So to recap: We can arbitaritly choose a day and commit to a country where there is no unemployment, homelessness, or hunger and everyone is entitled to a nice environment, an education, and medical care. Step 4. Replace the word "American" to all the legal documents where they were before the choosen day. * Training people to provide services to the convicts would give them additional educations.
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