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Clint Wilson
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I too have felt this feeling of loss in my lifetime. Inspiring tale of courage within your prose Kristina. ~Clint @cazoomi
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2014 on The Truth at Sober and Shameless
Powerful prose here and loved the read. Clint
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Oct 19, 2010
Peter, I guess you must have missed the small riots in the San Francisco Tenderloin over the digital TV conversion with your comment "You know, I think I saw less fuss about that change than I have about the absence of Flash support on the iPad, even though the number of people affected was probably orders of magnitude greater." Agreed on one point and that is even though our platform runs entirely in Flash we really have seen no demand from our members for the iPad to have Flash support. However, our consultants and I would love Apple to support Flash so we could leave our laptops behind for client presos of our Cazoomi platform. Great read Peter and shooting it out to our Cazoomi members now.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2010 on No Flash Lasts Forever at The Cloud
Dean, well said and this message "Just like software vendors will evolve their product over many years, the same should apply to your business system." is a great way to look at the implementation for an SMB. Very succinct and shooting this to some of our Cazoomi members tonight. ~Clint
Good point Paul and I wonder if Gartner will tell us the buyout price and make us all happy or sad in this biz. We are now at 100% off the stock market bottom and I would love to know the multiple they paid. "within a few weeks Gartner will soon publish a detailed five-year forecast on this interesting market segment."
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Jan 16, 2010