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Clive Moss
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I too want to bracket under, not over. On my Panasonic GH2, I set exposure comp to -2/3, and then do a three shot bracket at 2/3 intervals - which gives me the equivalent of a -2/3, -4/3, 0 sequence. You can ring the changes, keeping the initial exposure comp equal to the max of the bracket range. Not as good as completely customizable - but close.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2012 on Perfect Exposure at LensWork Daily
Of course equipment matters - as an amateur the fun of taking pictures is part of the process. I like using some of my stuff, and if the pictures are bad - well - I suck it up and try to learn something. My scanners never break, so I am stuck with old stuff that I can't bring myself to junk. I had to give away a perfectly good IBM branded flatbed scanner a few years ago when I switched to a Mac. I was afraid to check if Vuescan supported it :-) My flatbed is currently an Epson 2400 Photo. I have a perfectly good Minolta film scanner that I stopped using because it captured so much dust. The Nikon Coolscan is great with Digital ICE to get rid of dust.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2011 on Does Equipment Matter? at The Online Photographer
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May 14, 2011