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Jim Dandy
at large
I am a very old man whose opinions have hardened.
Interests: gardening and karate
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I don't think I've ever read anything this bad. What kind of outbreak of evil does this represent? Curse the media that covers up these atrocities.
So will her testimony also by only one half of his? We must respect tradition after all.
Wasn't Nadal Has an in the military? And the guy who killed his CO with a grenade...? Just asking!
Please continue to post the E-mail addresses and the letters of these people so I/we can send them a few choice words of our own. They might find out a thing or two about strong language and threats themselves. Also, be sure to post IP addresses of every one of them.
The reason you don't hear from feminists is that feminism is just a front for Marxism and White Hate, and there aren't any white Christian men to roast in the ME.
Luckily the Western Feminists will ride to the rescue of their suffering sistets in the Middle East.
ThIs is every bit as much a cultural war and you are a heroic cultural warrior. You are fighting this one tooth and nail and we love you for it. You make us all a little braver.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2011 on Overwhelming at Atlas Shrugs
We need to restrict immigration to that of populations who are facing religious persecution overseas. We need to get those people out of there before that bastards finish killing them all.
There's a whole lot of criticism of Islam going on the page at this link. It's a left-wing newspaper, but getting a conservative backlash against a column on "the demonization of muslims"
They should do one on "The Orphans of 911."
I've sent the reporter my letter: You know, a lot of children never got born because their parents had to choose between burning to death or jumping from 200 stories. Too bad you can't do a story on how cute those children would be.
They teach us in school about Western Imperialism. They rub our faces in it. But they don't teach us about Muslim Imperialism. A dozen countries that were once completely Christian are now completely Muslim. How do you explain that away? Only a psychopath would look around and fail to see that Imperial Islam is on a death march in the world today.
The Left always parrot the same meme. It's how they raise hysteria. I used to get calls from a "friend" breathlessly parroting a meme I just heard on the news. They find a "line" and they all take it. They do not think for themselves. It's incredible. It would be interesting to know who starts these Left wing memes. Maybe it's an evil genius on a secret island; maybe it's Soros. Or Huffington. If we could find this person, and shut him/her up somehow, the entire Left would become like lost Borg with no queen bee, banging into the wall over and over because they can't find the door.
Randolf, Who is John Galt?
She is not trying to justify Breivik's actions. That's a stupid remark. Who would try to justify Breivik's murder of 70 people. Please, use some sense. She is reporting on how the camp that he shot up was a Far Left indoctrination program for the children of the ruling elite socialists of Norway. Sorry buddy, that's their fault, not her fault. Don't you think it is weird to run a camp that brainwashes children to ape the political views of their parents? I do. I wonder how much they pay to get their children programmed. You would think that the Far Left K to 12 school system would provide enough brainwashing, but no, they send them to indoctrination camp in the summer on top of it. Sick. I tell my children to MAKE SURE that they use integrity and honesty when they form their beliefs. I do NOT tell them to replicate my beliefs. But what do these Socialist Leftists tell their children? Well, they tell them WHICH SIDE of the Israel issue to be on. They indoctrinate their children with what to believe. The Left moulds their children into little replicas of themselves. It's vile parenting.
She is not bashing muslims, she is just reporting on things that muslims do.
Gerald, the Left are such people as they would rather cover up the rape you describe than lose a political point by reporting it. Man, the Left is lower scum than the rapist you describe.
Dear Troll Jason, you know full well that Pamela did NOT say that. That is you putting a LEFT WING SPIN on her blog, and saying that she said something that she did not say. The only hope for you on the Left is to say that a conservative said something that she did not in fact say. You should be aware that this method of lying can only go so far. One by one you will lose followers as people find out that you are lying. The truth has a habit of working its way to the surface in spite of all the efforts of moral retards such as yourself.
It's true Chervil, you can see how all these deaths are nothing to them but an opportunity to GET their political opponents. I tell you the Left is more odious than we can really understand.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2011 on Media Assassins at Atlas Shrugs
Dear Pamela, the Far Left has been waiting a long time for this incident. They now have a grand total of One "Christian" "conservative" act of terrorism, as against 17,000 plus fatality terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists in the last ten years, and they see it as their big chance to lash out at the conservative voice. They can smell it. They can taste it. They are slobbering. Now, if you are in some way indeed responsible for this act of terrorism, then who pray tell is responsible for the 17,000 plus? Maybe our Far Left psychopath friends would be of greater benefit to humanity if they solved that other question. Since this is their big chance, they are throwing everything they have at you. They are trying to bowl you over by sheer momentum. Something tells me they are going to fail. What you are doing is reporting on the fact that there is a large number of extremists among the Islamic peoples of the world, who are working to expand the rule of sharia and the Empire of Islam over larger areas of the globe. That's all you're doing. All you are doing is telling the world what they are doing and when they are doing it. Heck, they themselves are trumpeting it over the airwaves, and somehow YOU are the problem? This killer did not need you to tell him what these extremists are up to. He can hear it from Anjem Choudry's own mouth, or he can look out the window and see what's going on in his own country. Now, only a Far Left psychopath could construe some sort of blame for you in all of that. So please take heart and know that you are doing the right thing, and that you have been doing the right thing all along, and that there are thousands who support what you are doing, and that I am also one of them.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2011 on Media Assassins at Atlas Shrugs
I like your approach Choi, I like your way of thinking.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2011 on Media Assassins at Atlas Shrugs
"Ian said... I feel a bit dumber after reading that..." Ian, you couldn't be any dumber than you already are.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2011 on Media Assassins at Atlas Shrugs
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2011 on Media Assassins at Atlas Shrugs
"Your words (no matter how insipid, idiotic, or meaningless) unfortunately do matter." What do you propose Wendy, that we cease henceforth to report on an atrocity if the culprit is a muslim extremist? Your attack on Pamela is vicious and opportunistic. It stinks. I sugges you watch your words because you are inciting HATE towards Pamela and if something happens it will be YOUR F N FAULT. So keep your trap shut and get off the internet.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2011 on Media Assassins at Atlas Shrugs