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Ah, Showbiz Pizza. I had my 10th birthday there, and I had to go on stage and talk to the animatronic bear leading the band. Even then I was certain there was some high schooler or college student in some backroom voicing the bear and snickering under his breath at me. I'm going to have to watch that documentary, though. Despite my humilation at having to talk to that bear, I loved going there.
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As much as I loved Tennant, Matt Smith had me sold on him as the new Doctor by the end of "The Eleventh Hour." I've also found this season with Smith to be a big improvement over last year's specials, which I didn't really enjoy. Sure there have been a couple of not-so-great episodes, but even "Victory of the Daleks" had its moments. I'd much rather watch it again than "Waters of Mars." The issue Stirpicus brought up is exactly why I don't like iTunes. I'd much rather just buy my music in a basic mp3 format from Amazon and not worry about what happens if I have to reformat my hard drive or buy a new computer.
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Jun 25, 2010