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IMHO Henry Kuo makes a much better point than anything in the original post. It is indeed a trap to think that if one method is not best overall it is the simply depreciated. It is rare to see such a vision-less post from you. You would not want to use voice rec for coding but then, an all touch interface wouldn't work best either. Does that mean it does not work on a phone? Clearly no. Handwriting recognition is not efficient for writing a full essay but using a tablet pc as my sketchbook and then being able to write the name of a particular drawing (so it is findable in a mass of scribbles) before moving on to the next is still one of the best computing experiences I have. It makes sketching both effortless and functional. As mentioned by an earlier, the voice rec in Win 7 is quite good. Probably good enough for a captain's log in fact. I suspect it will be pretty good in Kinetic but of course they'll be embarrassing videos a plenty because it is not mission critical worthy, the "two incorrect" words is that difficult final mile, but it does bode well for the Star Trek future in which we simply tell background computers what we want to happen. If not tea, earl gray than at least basic tasks in which the really depreciated buttons like tv remotes and on/offs slowly start to fall away.
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Jun 21, 2010