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Clearly that no goal was a goal. The non offside call is another argument. Here's a thought Time for old man Sepp to join the new techno wave. Ireally think it's time to have instant replay? I suggest ea coach has a max of 2 challenges 1 in ea half. Once he challenges a play, a 4th official in a box (away from the crowd) watches the replay and tells the ref what transpired. The ref makes the call and the game continues. This will barely hold up the game since the coach must use his so called "challenge" wisely, because once he has spent it it is gone, no matter how poor the ref's call may be? I think IMHO that this would be a step to "getting it right"
Well said PD. Ives you CAN"T be serious. What are you thinking in rewarding a team that is reduced to 9 as Team of the week? Shame on you There were definitely better candidates? How about the team beating the current champs Sporting KC (even if it were an own goal) They stood solid and held their leadand head's high to win it?! Far more impressive than thugadelphia winning with only 9? Coach K
Seriously guys lets get real. Yes soccer is a physical sport, I still play it, and yes and injuries occur when you get tangled up with someone at high speed. However, as a ref and a player I see 2 straight RED cards here no question. The RB give up a PK on that ugly foul by Marquez No if's but's or maybe's and if the MLS misses this when they review it shame on them.( At least 2-3 games RB should see Marquez away from the Beautiful game) He is a punk and we will not miss him! Yes I am a RB supporter! San Jose however should also have a straight red and a few game suspension on Chavez, for his wreckless dangerous knee crunching tackle from behind on Roy Miller.I am betting 2-3 games here as well. Time to get real and call out these vicious tackles NOW before we have a repeat of last season's series of ugly end of season injuriesStop making excuses if it quakes like a duck, looks like a duck, it's an ugly duck! Coach K
Wow I hate to say Told you so...but back in April I wrote the following.. " I fail to see why the RB have put all their eggs into one small basket labeled 2 talented but definitely past their prime so called DP"S" Backe has taken a huge and dumb gamble. Looks like I was correct as Backe now has no bench that he claims he can use? Really..then he should never have picked up the likes of Hertzog, Rooney, and co if he has no intent on using them?! He already traded away Tchani, Austin De Leux for a goalkeeper that is excellent at one thing, picking the ball out of his net? Backe has no creativity, and a team that despite the millions spent will once again fall short. Fire Backe and probably Soler as well. Pathetic Rafa looks like he is on vacation when he plays, and Henry shows glimses but forces the entire team to do it his way or the highway only? Too much pressure and it shows! You need at least 16 solid commited players not 11 and with injuries no doubt down the stretch, RB is doomed!
Bakke is really a 10 fold idiot.. idiot Re Subs 1) Down 0-4 to Colorado, what is worst that could happen , you give up 2 more goals ? So what give players like Rooney and Hertzog a chance otherwise why pick em? 2) By not making subs send wrong message to Ballouchy and others having a horrible worries my position is safe? 3)Not using subs at 96 degrees is just crazy esp with the time table they have? 4) Our so called DP's and our stars are on the silver side of the closet so a break would help?( Anyone see Taino yelling @ Bakke to let him come out?) 5) The subs lose confidence in the coach, they too need a moment to impress after working hard at practise and making trips across the country. 6) Need a spark off the bench? Watch Da Luz a promising young player impress at DC ..? Why simply because someone gives him that CHANCE? 7)Anyone watch how well Sir Alec uses his subs at Man U keeps a roster of 16+ and the ALL play his way so there is very little drop off when a sub comes in..ususally an improvement. All players ALWAYS are in competition for playing time. Healthy and competitive attitude? 8) Surely Bakke realizes that there WILL be injuries so what/where is his plan B? 9) He already shipped of Tchani who was a promising sub? 10 Any team winning the MLS must have DEPTH. Bakke's brain like the RB right now running on empty? Conclusion IF we had the right coach ( Peter Novak) and right mental attitude, less pressure RB could be a winning combo, but this all or nothing appraoch MUST WIN NOW ( before Henry retires) is just DUMB.. Pretty much like Bakke? No time for the team to evolve with a few learning curves? I wish Bakke would retire too?
I am a ref and really embarrassed by the so called pro's at the RSL game last night.!? By the way those of you say Benny was offside's..uh no he was BUT it was a goal kick. Freaky but nonetheless one of those rare times NOT offside's like a throw in? Re The PK atrocious call and I 100% agree with PD ..Time for FIFA to play catch up.. No ref is perfect> You can't call what you can't see for whatever reason? Time for Instant replay challenges Each coach should get 2 per game one for ea half. An incident like this the 4th official shows the ref what we all see on the BIG SCREEN replay.. and he puts his ego in his pocket and admits he goofed. Period. Same would apply for a dive a hand ball (Think Henry against Ireland) Parts of the game where players cheat etc would be quickly eliminated and we can concentrate on playing soccer not criticizing poor refs etc? FIFA should use the technology we have this is 2011 not 1955 Time for a reality check. A 4th official on the goal line is NOT the answer either! What will it take for FIFA to play catch up Dare I ask as they are so corrupt and useless anyway? That's my 2c Coach K
Zach why Henry is not a professional? Hmm lets see 1) He is paid $5MM to do what exactly.. tutor Juan Aguedello? 2) Smile for Photos 3) Make excuses about now not being a goal scorer but more of a player creating spaces and feeds for "others" to score.. Ahh excuse me were you at the Phili game he was as Bill says above "brutal" so much so his own players were not passing to him rather recycling the ball back thru the D all over again and slip it to the other side to Richards or Limpere Btm line our "special" player was a NON factor. And oh his speaches about Racism..bully for him at $5MM there a lot of other players speaking out and contributing a whole lot more than Mr Washed up?
That's funny you guys beating up on Becks. My concern as a RB fan is what if HENRY DOES return? Heaven help us?? He has already done an excellent conn job on Backe and Co and so far has been injured ( or claims injury at least 70% of the time) He should now be past the hand ball psche, the WCup in So Africa, His cat passing away, his lost car keys, and whatever other pathetic excuse anyone can think of? Bottom line he has been a terrible disappointment. He is too old now Yeah he HAD talent but lets face it at $5MM we deserve alot better. He aint no Ryan Giggs who still looks amazing at 37. He is better off calling it quits now. Call me Negative or just call it the TRUTH Henry is past his prime waaaaay past. Time for RB to find another way?
That's funny you guys beating up on Becham. My concern as a RB fan is what if HENRY DOES return? Heaven help us?? He has already done an excellent conn job on Backe and Co and so far has been injured ( or claims injury at least 70% of the time) He should now be past the hand ball psche, the Wcup in So Africa, His cat passing away, his lost car keys, and whatever other excuse we can think of? Bottom line he has been a terrible disappointment. He is too old now Yeah he HAD talent but lets face it at $5MM we deserve alot better. He aint no Ryan Giggs who still looks amazing at 37. He is better off calling it quits now. Call me Negative or just call it the TRUTH Henry is past his prime waaaaay past.
Hi Guys As an ex coach I ALWAYS told my keeper to be extremely vocal the whole game. He is the only person who should never have his back to the ball. (except if he gets it out of his net) Kudus to you Colin you R 100% correct. We won the Flite Championships and a slew of others and it was not from being timid. A goalie yelling tells his D where to go, who to mark etc. It also deters the opponents somewhat hearing a keeper screaming MINE just as they are about to head home a possible goal. All that said time to take a big step back and pause. The USMT sadly are slow(Bocca) disorganized and inexperinced in the back and sadly I think Argentina esp (Messi) will capitilize and exploit us badly.But time willhopefully improve us on another day at another time..just I don't see us doing it now...
My heart goes out to Chivas. There was a time they actually played good football.& were fun to watch. JCO will NOT have JPA from the Red Bulls to help him..and what he did with the NYRB was a disater period! Not only did he OVERTHINK everything ,messed with everyone's game but when a player performed well he rewarded him by either moving him or dropping him? He was a total joke .. Did you evers see his note taking during a game.He also purchased the best bums from So America that were a total flop and all have now left NYRB.. coincedence..? I think not Eric Wynalda said it best Players play..ref's intervene and coaches screw things up..JCO is therefore a great coach..NOT!
As a Red Bull Fan I gotta say I am sad to see JPA go. He was a true professional even when we endured the worst season ever with a coach who was clueless, JPA held his head hi and carried the RBs on his back. I only can wish him well with the Galaxy. Arena tends to go for an older crowd and I think JPA at a much lower salary will be a great off the bench player. That said nobody is addressing Red Bulls own dumb gamble with not one but 2 old guys who have great skills but lets face it there were games where Henry stopped and applauded the pass but did NOT chase it.. he was too tired and old.. and Marquez looked like he was drifting in and out and spraying away the ball way too often then glaring at the ref waiting for a non call,claiming he was fouled.. With these 2 old guys as our DP"s I fear Red Bulls have over played their hand.Hats off to grabbing a true grit player like Joel Limpere who leave everything on the field and not too old stars from the yesterdays..We need more heart and guts type players and not just pro's with a golden but old and tired resumes who we now call DP's
Ok Ives Now that the World cup is over,does anyone know what So Africa thinks they will do with all those gorgeous brand new empty stadiums? Clearly their own league cannot fill them?
Sorry call me cynical but that was a disgraceful call by the Mali ref. Watch it 10 times and there IS NO EXPLANATION Hmm I wonder why, well folks follow the money trail.. Anyone who knows Mali knows that it is a poor country so I will not be an iota surprised to learn that our referee picked up a nice sum of money from some rich prince somewhere to insure that Algeria has a fighting chance. Pretty ugly but since Fifa is a toothless tiger and a coward they all will no doubt get away with it?The Beautiful game has been hijacked once again
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2010 on USA 2, Slovenia 2: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives
Ok call me pshycic but after watching a gazallion EPL games I have seen all of their players and I do see England beating the USA so I am going to jump ahead but here is why I think The USA will STILL make it to the next round. Bottom line it matters not if we lose to England as long as we keep it tight AND we have to beat Algeria assuming we tie to Slovenia..Also as long as England beats Slovenia by a better margin we are thru..IE my scenario.. Group C England 2 vs. USA 1 Algeria 0 vs. Slovenia 2 Slovenia 1 vs. USA 1 England 3 vs. Algeria 1 Slovenia 0 vs. England 2 USA 2 vs. Algeria 0 England goes thru along with the USA if only on goal differential
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2010 on World Cup: SBI's Group A Preview at Soccer By Ives
Hey all Does anyone know where to watch the Red Bulls vs Chicago tonight? Ives says ESPN but my TV guide shows World Poker on ESPN ( I am in NJ) The ESPN web site shows the game on Soccer/MLS at 4PM?? Help please?
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2010 on MLS Match Week 1: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
Am I the only one concerned for Landon ? Folks we have all been reading alot lately about how well Landon is doing in the UK? Well I for one am proud and thrilled for LD but.. Sadly Landon had the unfortunate circumstance where he broke Ashley Coles ankle thus putting the International UK star in jeopardy for the English team.? I saw the incident it was definitely not malacious nor vicious.It was one of those very unfortunate accidents. BUT that is not to say that some idiot in the UK may not feel as kindly to poor Landon so I hope he watches his back as the USA is of course in the same group as the UK. Yes I know that would be mean, spiteful and a disgrace.. but after all they say soccer (the beautiful gme) is a gentleman's game but it is played by Barbarians? Coach K
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2010 on Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
Sergio I agree with you My beef is that we have very little in our opponent and we in turn are putting up a B/C Team. I thought it was about testing a few players on the bubble to see if they can cut it? Therefore we need a much stronger opponent and we in turn should put in a few A players? That way makes the game alot more relevant? (SBI-Coach K, I'm going to have to take issue with this entire comment. First, while El Salvador isn't a top country, this IS NOT a FIFA DATE so that rules out almost all major countries. When we're talking about what the best nations are that could provide an opponent with a mostly A team on a non-FIFA date, El Salvador is actually near the top of that list. Have you forgotten that the USA "A" team struggled badly against El Salvador in both qualifiers? Why can't a team that pushed the USA "A" team to the limit not be a good test for a C team? As for your comment about Bob Bradley needing to mix in some A players, what part of "THIS IS NOT A FIFA DATE" don't you get? I'm sure you are aware of the fact that a national team can't make a player report for a match not on a FIFA date. That rules out all European players as well as Mexican League-based players. This leaves MLS players, which is what this group is. Truth be told, I actually think El Salvador should be able to provide more than a tough enough test for the team Bradley called up.)
Ok call me cynical but WHY BOTHER... someone explain to me why BB has selected a mostly C team for a so called World Cup warm up? No offence to El Salvador but they are weak opponents. I think BB should look at who England for ex has selected as their World cup warm ups.? I also think we should be playing a series of much tougher opponents with a much better US squad. For ex lets say Davis, Ching, and Orozco really impress.. Well that begs the question what they played against an irrelevant opponent. I want to see our so called B-C squad with a few A teamers play against the likes of Germany, S Korea or Ghana,..for Ex That would be a better test than our own backdoor "weak" neighbors? (SBI-Coach K, who is England playing on Feb. 24? Oh right, NOBODY, so your talk about England's World Cup warmup opponents is completely irrelevant with regard to the El Salvador friendly. This match isn't a World Cup warm-up. You do realize it's February, right? It's simply a friendly to test some fringe prospects and to elevate the fitness level of some players who will be taking part in the actual FIFA-date friendly vs. the Netherlands. And do you really want to play Germany on a non-FIFA date? Guess what? You can't because they wouldn't be able to call in anybody. Ghana? You'd want to play a Ghana with no European-based players? Really? The U.S. World Cup warm-up matches have yet to be announced. Once THOSE are announced you can make this argument. Right now your argument about this particular match is woefully misguided.)
IVES Please take us out of our misery where is Agoos now? Pleeze tell us all he has parted ways with RB.and hopefully the door hit him HARD on the way OUT? K PS Josh You are kidding right? So you are saying that RB should settle for mediocre,that's all we should expect from our team is winning an occ game on the road eh? Pretty pathetic if you ask me Gee I thought with a new stadium ( albeit it no parking) we were going to get a little something better than last place? K
In answer to Hi In answer t to Culeero Sure I know there is no real Scandanavian League per se I was simply referring to those teams that actually do play in Denmark, Sweden or Norway. Their league std is a lot lower than the premier leagues I mentioned earlier ergo Jeremiah White STILL not called up to the Nats despite a terrific season.Perhaps Bob realizes the competition is suspect? Coach K culeeero has replied to your comment: You do know that there is no Scandanavian League, right? That "Scandinavia" is a general region of the world that encompasses a number of different nations? Just checkin', big guy.
Hey DC Josh Assuming you are NOT being sarcastic I will answer your questions? The new guy knows the SCANADANAVIAN league not the UK, Brazil, Mexican,Portuguese Spanish Italian or German..etc that's a huge difference. The Scandanavians are hardly world beaters or in the same class as the aforementioned.. The Head Coach has a whole lot more to do than what you casually claim to be.. Anong them to also MOTIVATE the players and with his track record..? Not sure that Henry or Angel for that matter would be overly impressed. Also has to understand the peculiarities of MLS and get the team to gel. We need a TEAM not a bunch of local and foreigners with diff skill levels all thrown together .As an OUTSIDER with 0 MLS experience who knows?What about nourishing and developing youthful raw talent? The list goes on and on.. Will he even bother to listen to his Assistant? Remains to be seen? RW has a limited but proven track record so I am thrilled that somehow they kept him? If he has the character without the huge eggo maybe just maybe a partnership could work? Early days yet? I am NOT that optimistic.?His claim to fame seems to be he is Eriks old pal?
Hey RB fans Surely we all saw this coming..It's called Nepotism. Erik simply chose a pal of his with the feint resemblance of being a coach. Sorry for being skeptical but typical of RB with that Austrian flavor we are NOT going to make it in 2010 with this dude. Austria is running this team and to hell with the fans? His track record is pitiful to be honest? The only good news is RW hopefully with a lot more $ to compensate his pride will soon get a third stint (no doubt his final stint as head coach) in about 90 days. Keeping Des was a good move too No mention of Ahole Agoos? Please tell me Ives he is taking out garbage, painting the lines at DC's field or something like that? If it were my choice I would trade for Peter Novak >A rEAL coach with atrack record But ahh didn't we do that to get the clown JSO so what could be worse? Anyway too late the dye has been cast and at least we have a great new stadium after waiting 12 years and oh yeah I forgot no parking?? Coach K
Ives you are always on your game and I respect you more than any other writer about MLS That said Pleeeze will someone tell me why the F agoos is still around? He is the biggest screw up we have at RB and yet somehow he has staying power? We only have to go as far back as the last draft where he picked that African kid only to watch him never sign with MLS Everyone else knew that but agoos was asleep at the wheel as usual and we wasted a great opp? Need I go further with the COUNTLESS number of screw ups we can credit Agoos with? Someone explain why is the idiot still there,and poor Richie the only VIABLE guy is only one of several "possibles" We all know that a Foreign coach will be shoved down our throats and we all know it will be another disaster? Not that I am dissing a foreigner,but MLS has it's own unique peculiarities that ONLY an American coach comprehends period? Coach K
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2009 on Red Bulls introduce new GM at Soccer By Ives
Fishy your poor little man Obviously you know 0 about soccer the RB catastophe that unfolded or the train wreck that they are now on. Agoos is the # 1 A hole who drove this train but I guess there is none so blind as those who will not see? Open your eyes Fishy?! Tell me 3 good trades that Ahole Agoos did VS the 15 or so that he F..d up? Coach K Ps See how many other posts actually like Agoos the A hole VS how many agree with unless he is arelative of yours,why are you defending him?