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Great point about learning what motivates the buyer. This does suggest you as the seller must not have any preconceived ideas about the buyer's motivation based upon your own past sales experiences. To have such thoughts suggest you believe that you create value as the seller and unfortunately in my humble opinion value is unique to each buyer. What you can do through those other qualities you can connect to the buyer's value drivers.
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Great article with some valuable statistical information. Your insight reaffirms why using the 5 Point Star Model by J. Galbraith helps to better identify how to break out these challenges and demonstrate why alignment is so important. Internal factors can be processes or systems. Given Gallup Poll on disengagement of employees - 69% disengaged and actively disengaged along with Conference Board where 55% employees are unhappy only further helps to illustrate that strategic execution must look beyond how we used to do it. Leanne Hoagland-Smith
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Jan 26, 2010