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Marcy Nelson-Garrison
Certified coach, entrepreneur, big fan of creative products that help people grow, visual artist, writer, psychologist, wife, dog lover, burner of midnight oil.
Interests: spirituality, art, creativity, canoeing, personal growth, internet marketing, leadership, creative tools, info products, experiential learning
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Mar 15, 2010
Anne, what a powerful exercise for any type of life paradox. Anytime you can get learning through creative means or through the body, it packs a bigger punch and I love the clarity the drawing brings. One question I might ask myself with the holding on hand is how tightly am I holding on and actually physically clinch my hand to feel it in my whole body. And then feel what it's like to change the grip. I would imagine that there are different degrees of holding on and letting go. Sometimes the first step is simply to loosen the grip... or tighten the grip depending on your situation. Marcy Nelson-Garrison MA CPCC,,