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Well, i think there are two major scenarios... If you are talking about a PROFESSIONAl usage, meaning that you actually use your PC for WORK, not only games, facebook, blogs, etc, then SSD's are a MUST! (Read it here for some clarification). If its HOME usage, the data loss/failure problem (only if you don't have a backup policy) can be a blocker. On both cases, the tweaks mentioned on a lot of forums and articles about disabling the services and features that do unnecessary writes on the SSD disk (Windows Search, Defrag, Etc) ARE MANDATORY if your want your SSD to last. Personally, for me, HDD NEVER MORE! SSD'S RULE BIG TIME :D!
As i showed in my post here, sometimes its not a matter of how much time the SSD will last without fail, but just the additional speed it provides. Lets for example consider that the project that i work its supposed be delived in 1 year... and we have A LOT of work. If we don't do it on time we will suffer some MAJOR penalties (this translates to: We have to pay a lot of money :D) If your talking about a win or loose situation (delivering the project in time) every minute that we can save its worth it. And as i explained in the post in our case its cheaper to buy TWO SSD every month than having the developer waiting by the build process to complete. Time is money... and in our profession (software development) this phrase could not be closer from the truth.
Here at the project that I work we have been using HDD's and SSD's for quite some time and we could make a really good real-life test. We can say for sure that: YES, SSD's really pay their price in speed. I've made a post detailing the subject here: is now following The Typepad Team
May 3, 2011