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SEND From: EJ To: J Altidore Carpe Diem
Perfect opportunity to make a Skype call to Nurnberg. JK can settle any doubt with Timothy Chandler as to whether he may or may not ever get a call from Klinnsman as long as he is in charge. Perfect opportunity for Chandler to say "I am committed" and step up for the USMNT.
Suppress your man feelings for will feel better about yourself LOL
I saw enough of his games and definitely not on his bandwagon.
I believe Klinnsman is under incredible pressure. Knowing his background he should come through. The big question is whether the team can come through. If Donovan and Shea are back at there teams and JK DID NOT call in any players to backup the players on the roster right now I would be very disappointed. "we will make do with what we have" is very arrogant.
Lichaj just makes 40 yard passes into a 50/50 ball. Overrated and not a fan of his game. Not much a fan of the english game anyway. I think it is way too fast and takes away from technique and tactics...
For our enjoyment:
Expect to see an aerial game with lots of crosses...Alan Gordon MAY actually start too.
I really like that Box midfield..Dempsey and Donovan can get as forward as they can with Herc. Jones and Bradley would need to get as forward as possible and help sustain/support attacks...Williams could be dropped, if the game warrants it, and put in EJ with Hercules to spread the D...I like it..
JK does not need to prove he was right in his roster selection. JK needs to prove his roster selection got the team results in WCQ. I am going to give the benefit of doubt to JK on Altidore. There is something wrong, somewhere, on all previous rosters with past players and coaches on the USMNT. This will continue this week and well into the future with all future players and coaches. The bottom line is the players in the lineup breathing, sweating, and bleeding to get results in WCQ.
I remember when I was in my early 20's (Altidore). I knew it all. Answers to everything. LOL. I'm saving judgement until game day. Just taking notes now. The USMNT needs our support more than ever right now.
This is WCQ. The USMNT should be a tournament team getting after results. Period. The USMNT should not be in the business of 'developing players' for WCQ. National leagues around the world develop the players. The USMNT should be playing with 'finished products' in WCQ. I believe this roster has more of that focus. Friendlies should be the focus of player and formation experiments between tournaments.
I'm more concerned about what team will show up? The team against the first Jamaican game or second? You cannot make chicken soup from chicken sh!t.
Roster release time for you and me will be 1200 PST 1500 EST. As long as they pass in the 90% range, run off the ball (support player with the ball) into space, and shoot everytime near or in the penalty area, we should be fine. No matter what the pressure, there IS pressure, it still comes down to playing a fundamental game at a high speed.
Eddie've been blessed. Continue working hard and playing smart. Inspiring to see you get back.
Time and space example by Altidore. He is improving at combining well with teammates and making his own time and space. Near the box a forward has to win 1 VS 1 battles to earn a few yards or seconds to get a shot/goal. How about that Messi guy?
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2012 on Must-See Goal: Jozy Altidore at Soccer By Ives
Check your facts before spouting off
Or did Italy take a note from the US when we beat them in a friendly?
Altidore needs to drop back towards the halfway line and make himself available to the MF and D. Gomez did this in the last game against Jamaica very well.
JK is making the most of the talent he has. Any good coach would do that. What system plays with 3 DM? A 5321? Most systems play at the most 2 DM's. We have seen 3 DM with Klinnsman on more than one occasion. I think using this amount of DM in a game is best used to protect a lead late in the game. A good use of a late substitute. This should not be the core system of the team. What about a box midfield? Bradley and Jones playing as box to box MF with Edu and Williams playing DM? No wingers! Donovan and Dempsey as LF/RF. All players playing on right or left will use width to get extra time and space as needed. Let's call it Mimimal Width with focus on more short passes (keep away with purpose). The USMNT has been looking more and more like Italy in Euro 2012 using no wingers after Pepe was dropped and reverted to a 4312.
As a #8 box to box midfielder I agree with your post. No. We have Bradley and Jones as #8 players. As a #6 absolutely not. We have Williams, Edu, and Beckerman for #6 role. As a winger? Maybe. As a #10? Yes! My campaign is over...enjoy qualifying.
So Adu has been played out of position with the Union? Coaches fault? System fault? Adu fault?
BS...this is what we always wanted: